Unsung heroes of Compliance

We have become quite used to the technology around us, from cellular subscriptions and internet banking to subscription-based sundry. These services that are so crucial to our lives individually and collectively are also quite vulnerable to fraudulent activities. Most of us don’t really feel vulnerable, do we? Since viscerally know that there is a layer of rigorous verification & security checks that protects us from these frauds. But These layers or walls are developed and vigilantly protected by a few unsung heroes, fighting against fraud without a break for us.
Fraudulent users have always found ways to breach businesses and access services, which has impacted businesses in terms of quality, scalability, and availability. Compliance teams across organizations have been actively involved in keeping fraud at bay. In the domain of IDV, battles against fraud are similar, but the battlefield has changed, with fraud hiding in plain sight and sometimes evading gauntlets due to various flawed IDV practices. The field is dynamic, too, with methodologies of fraud ever evolving. Regulation revisions also tend to create challenges in following stringent rules to overcome new frauds. Crucial gauntlets like KYC, mandated by regulatory bodies, are primary tools in the fight against fraud for these compliance teams. Several leaders of these compliance teams have been formerly on active duty or in police service, etc. And now they are fighting against an enemy on a different battlefield and have been protecting us.
With their previous exploits in fields of defense or policing, these men and women have a well-trained eye for the enemy. Their experience and knowledge help in understanding and predicting the means and methodologies of perpetrators of fraudulence. Paired with their disciplined lifestyle, rules are followed word-by-word, thus zero compromises in following mandated regulations; hence they are the perfect antidote for fraud.
We at Jukshio would like to salute these heroes for their service and their relentless efforts to protect our identities and services from fraud. With our proprietary IDV solutions, such as face liveness and face recognition technologies, with a matchless accuracy of 99.998%, Jukshio would like to identify itself as a vital help to our heroes in compliance teams in fighting fraud. The war against fraud is never ending, and ever-evolving, but our heroes remain vigilant and keep winning those wars for us. Once again, we salute your true grit and the zeal with which you keep fraud away. Thank you.