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What do we do

Soham AI for BioMedical Devices

Our Solution

Quality Inspection During Manufacturing

Keen-eyed quality inspection during the manufacturing process ensures at most safety during the entire manufacturing process

Chronic Disease Management

Allow your patients to enjoy life by managing symptoms of long-term disease and slowing down the progression

End-to-End Data Encryption

Maintain doctor-patient confidentiality using our End-to-End data encryption. That is not only impenetrable but swift as well

Visual Compliance Checks

Our Solution enables you to check visual compliance in the manufacturing pipeline. You can now monitor every minute detail

Medical Image Analysis Assistance

We help Medical professionals with medical image Analysis Assistance to help them with a quick and accurate diagnosis


We provide technologies like automated sensors, controller data monitoring and analysis to increase efficiency and accuracy


You can track your patient's health and well-being in real-time with the hassle of regular visits and provide necessary intervention

We Combine every type of data point to give you a homogenous Analysis