Empowering businesses with autonomous accounting by unifying systems & mapping unique identifiers.
Modern finance has become much more complicated.
Save your teams from manual work during the month-end close.
Need for higher efficiency
Finance teams need to keep up with the breakneck speed of business movement.
Multiple source of truth
Data from multiple sources like ERps to CRM  paralyzes accounting systems.
Managing the volume
High work loads can demand high manpower requirements.
How Do we help you
Document Mapping
We segregate the documents be it digital or manual entry and map it to the source document with the right unique identifies.
Discrepancy Detection
We match common financial transaction documents like invoice, purchase order or GRN against each other to detect any anomaly or discrepancies.
Our Humans in the loop approach ensure that we provide XXX% of accuracy
Ready to make a move to modern accounting
How does it work


Match three of them and see if there are any discrepancies

Purchase Order

Extract the text, compare the difference and show


Segregating the document and mapping it with the right transaction code