Ace the compliance procedures & disable KYC- frauds at ease.

Jukshio’s Dfraud solution with advanced AI/ML based modules is not just limited to detect and disable any fraudulent attempt in enhancing your KYC process to next level; it is a synergy of technology and humans working hand-in-hand towards zeroing your efforts starting from on-boarding to meeting compliance with accuracy and speed.
The Dfraud stands out by exerting four evolved and polished models


Identifies facial duplicates from the sea of faces


Identifies duplicate documents with forged multiple user information

Blacklisting the face

Identifies and restricts a flagged and blacklisted face

Manual re-verification

Skilled humans will re-verify with AI-Assistance

We take pride in our numbers

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attempts stopped
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Platform accuracy
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Milli Second
Each on-boarding
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With our technology swiftly Pass through regulatory and self imposed obligations. We will benefit your business way more than any regular digital onboarding service provider.

Cost-effective & highly competitive price

Quick Integration & high processing speed

Reduced Frauds & easing out regulatory obligations

Quick Integration & high processing speed

Facial recognition

Our FR tech can detect a face, then can verify against another face and also can fetch a face from the sea of faces with 99.9998% accuracy.

Document Validation

Will detect then verify different types of documents and fraudulent tampering possibilities specific to each document.

Faceliveness Detection

Our Advanced AI modules extended from FR tech can detect a face is live or if the device is just taking a photo of a photo.

Character Detection

Our models can extract textual data from image and can find any irregularities in the document.

Our Technology

10 Trillion

computations per check

Customizable seamless web and mobile integration of fast, accurate, and error-free API’s with real-time dashboards.

Negligible down time and false alarms

Extremly low response time (latency)

Can easily work on existing devices

Deploy to cloud, on-premise,

Our Partenrs

One of the worlds largest telecom provider

Jio Beat  Planner

“We’ve evaluated eight different authorizations solutions over 2.5 years, and none improved the time-to-sign in like Jukshio. The team is amazing to work with – they prioritized helping us with our pain points with their continuous support to take in real-time customization requests, integrate it and deploy it. Jukshio relieved all of our worries about onboarding and the approvals process.”
Project Head
Our collaboration in KYC and IAM projects profoundly harnessed our efficient manner of applying technologies. Access our case studies to read our journey.
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