Insights of KYC in gaming industry

Introduction The gaming industry as it exists today is booming globally with revenues in the hundreds of billions of dollars and millions of people as audiences with versatile age groups. This industry has appreciated incredible growth in recent times and is expected to make the global gaming industry worth $321 billion by 2026, according to […]

How organizations save millions with Jukshio and IAM

Jukshio and IAM – an overview IAM, or say Identity and access management, is a system of providing authentication and relevant authorization to the trusted people in the organization. It has been a long time in industries and other places when we have been familiar with the identity and authentication process, for example, biometrics systems; […]

100% accuracy in identity and Access Management – Now close to Reality

Accuracy: A brief link between the past and Jukshio Precision or accuracy has been understood as the spine for technological solutions. With the advent of advanced systems and coherent data analytics, organizations have noticed substantial growth in the usage of algorithms and APIs. This progress has carved the way to compel clients in finding businesses […]

Protect Your Business Against Fraud: Jukshio’s solutions

What are the effects of Fraudulent practices on businesses? Fraud generally involves multiple repeated methodologies, making ‘searching for patterns’ a general focus for fraud discovery. There are several domains that are affected by fraud. With fraudulent practices ever-evolving, it has become essential for organizations to defend against such practices and handle them preemptively. Fraudulent practices […]

Role of OCR in the banking Industry

What is OCR? By definition, OCR is Optical Character Recognition and refers to the technology used to scan images and convert them into readable formats. It is an automated data capture solution where characters from documents are processed by recognizing and identifying for electronic conversions. Issues faced by banks while handling documents Retail banking has […]