100% accuracy in identity and Access Management – Now close to Reality

Accuracy: A brief link between the past and Jukshio

Precision or accuracy has been understood as the spine for technological solutions. With the advent of advanced systems and coherent data analytics, organizations have noticed substantial growth in the usage of algorithms and APIs. This progress has carved the way to compel clients in finding businesses that are delivering consistent and timely-evolving accuracy in their products. Jukshio’s identity and Access Management solution emerged from that futuristic glimpse.

Accuracy of Jukhio’s Identity and access management (IAM)

IAM defines and analyzes a person’s credibility in the organization and allows the usage of assets/documents assigned only to this individual. We could take the current times as a cyber-threat-prone time where data leaks and access breaches strive to occupy more space in the market. Considering these factors, Jukshio’s IAM system is designed in a way that can implement optimum facial recognition technologies-driven algorithms that deliver an accuracy of 99.9998% in IAMs. We use the following factors to ensure optimum accuracy:
  1. Precise identification of the person: By using advanced AI methods and some fine-tuned algorithms, our facial recognition technology together with facial liveness favors the utmost quality in validating a person’s authenticity.
  2. Multi-factor authentication: We deliver 3-factor authentications in our identity management system products which adds true value in a secure environment. It acts like a shield in our IAM solution. Miscreants’ activities will disappear with Jukshio IAM.
  3. Innovation in Facial recognition techniques: Jukshio has proven innovation and technology in this segment and is already deployed in the market. Jukshio’s high-quality Facial liveness, Facial Recognition, and Facial Occlusion algorithms yield zero tolerance for fraud
  4. Extensive Machine Learning operations: Jukshio’s ML operations and software integrations help organizations prevent the system from phishing activities or cyber-attacks. It restricts the mischievous group from entering the system and performing any sort of leak or data damage. Further, Jukshio helps them to evaluate their already-established AI by acting as an auditing tool.
Using such steps and evaluating millions of data points, the overall quality we deliver in the access management system is 99.9998%.

What does Jukshio think about the possibility of 100% accuracy?

The potential for 100% accuracy in IAM should be of utmost importance to secure highly regulated and sensitive data. Jukshio, therefore, believes that a more secure and adequately resourceful IAM can assist businesses in improving the accuracy of their data and enhancing the security of their systems. Such a mindset of Jukshio was extremely helpful in managing the IAM solution for a top tech giant in India.
Our prompt integration makes our quality optimized and accuracy at 99.9998% with a capacity of 1500 on boardings per second. Top market analysts have stated our solutions are one of the best in the market, after studying how our solutions inhibited 4M+ fraudulent attempts so far.

Concluding Remarks

In summary, we can deduce that a factor called “accuracy” is known to be a spinal cord for any product/software-based solution, and in KYC solutions, Jukshio stands out differently and accurately. And Jukshio is always striving and constantly strengthening in methods and approaches to provide better products and services and our belonging with accuracy will remain intact.