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Technologies that enable trust.

Our hands-on experience with myriad IAM technologies allows us to help you get the most out of this important security layer and implement the best solution for your needs and environment.

Our Key IAM Technologies

We invest consistently in our technologies to keep our platforms on the cutting edge of identity verification, access control, fraud detection, compliance and user experience.

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Character Recognition

Detect, analyze and understands character and images from documents

Technologies How It Works 1

Facial Recognition

Identify faces against ID cards, live faces and recognize it amongst sea of others

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Document Validation

Identify if a document is fake or original by matching it with regulated databases

Technologies How It Works 1

Fraud detection

Identify multiple types of fraudulent activities, from low resolution to high resolution fakes in real time with 99.998% accuracy.

Not just quick but adapt a reliable process to reduce manual errors

cross-check identity data while ensuring privacy regulations are consistently met.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Identifies the nuanced drift in the user behavior and their adaptive ability to fool the system with newer spoofing techniques.

Intelligent Platform

Pick the platform/s or build an end-to-end white label product, it will take only three man hours to get it set up and running!

Quick Integration

Red lines, blurs or forgery - Stop systematic frauds and weed out spoof possibilities with our robust back-end encryption.


We take pride in offering a seamless and reliable identity verification solution.

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Swift & reliable Identity verification is now possible with our enterprise-ready data orchestration platform that has processed over 2 billion judgements all
around the world.