Platforms as a service Way

Our micro services enabled platforms make it easy to customize solutions on the fly for an ideal end-user experience


Our Identity Intelligence Platforms

We’ve established a holistic digital identity verification and access management system- which gives you a whole new experience of unmatched convenience, unmatched accuracy, and unmatched support!

Platform or product take your pick

Want just one specific technology support or the product as a whole- we consult, understand, and recommend the solution that fills in the missing pieces of verification for your business without you having to disrupt anything!

Robust process

Capture data through documents, authenticate the data and match the identity across in a few seconds!

Realtime AI Platform Health Analytics

Unleash the power of your data, generate transformative insights, optimize processes, and enhance your ROI with enterprise data analytics.

Deep Customization

Our deep customization allows you to select and pick capabilities that apply to your workflow.

Ease of Integration

Knowing if you are dealing with the real employee or customer or an imposter is difficult when its online- that’s why Jukshio’s platforms helps you verify customers quickly and safely. Reduce man-hours and optimize business with the right balance of speed & security

Real-Time Intelligence

While you continue to focus on the smooth running of your business, let us take care of chores. Our platform can go live in 48 hours!

Imagine the entire population of India being identified 3 times in 1 day!!

That’s how scalable & mature our platform is!


Identification capability per second


Average id checks performed per day

320 Million

Faces identified to date


Accuracy in predicting identities

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Our data security practices are second to none. We've developed cutting-edge solutions that have the power to protect the sensitive information of our clients and their customers.