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Object and face detection

Detect & identify faces or objects of interest with our platform powered by AI algorithms that enable real-time processing to obtain actionable insights.

Identify face in sea of faces

Our face recognition services help you recognize a single face in a crowd, even under difficult scenes with poor lighting situations.

Edge detection

Our network architecture capability enables users to access the information from the edge of the network.

People and object counting

From monitoring Footfall Statistics for better operational efficiencies to assets stock analysis for logistics, our smart surveillance system does it all.

Identify people with precision

From people surveillance in real-time at events to detecting customer expressions while purchasing products or interacting with the brand, our facial recognition services can drive value in many ways.

Key Benefits of
our platform


Instantly know when criminals, persons of interest and other threats encroach upon public or private spaces.

Secure Sensitive Areas

Geofence sensitive facilities using biometric surveillance as a means of identity authentication.

Automate Image Selection

AI-powered image scoring selects the best facial image enrollments from video surveillance based on angle, lighting condition, facial expression and other factors.

Unbiased analytics

Leverage our MLOps and DevOps support to speed up your data science lifecycle.

The next level of security and business technology is here with our Facial recognition based surveillance system.