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Fraud Detection

Improved security is assured by our Multiple checks for blurred images, partial scans, and photocopies, along with liveness detection for face verification.

Built for Rugged Environment

Our solution is built to work seamlessly even in low bandwidth and low-cost devices.

Cloud and device agnostic

Our platforms can be deployed in multiple cloud scenarios, and they are completely device agnostic.

Verifly at scale
across the globe

Our Platform recognises 4000+ identity documents from across the globe.

Facial Recognition Model
Facial Recognition Model


Key Benefits of
our platform

Customer onboarding

With our self and assisted KYC, the business can now onboard customers securely and at a much lesser cost than the inefficient human-led onboarding.

Customer experience

Our intuitive dashboards provide insights that equip the business to enable a better customer experience

Remote deployment

Our solution can be deployed quickly and remotely with easy-to-integrate APIs & SDKs.


Our comprehensive solution helps your legal, regulatory, and compliance teams efficiently perform all required KYC checks for any type of client and bring all onboarding components together in one suite.


A flexible pricing structure that helps us to have one of the lowest cost per onboarding.

Authenticate users in just a few seconds with our 3-step
verification process!