Solutions KYC 2

Flagging emotional health on daily basis


Continuous user & Sentiment monitoring


Location based Attendance markability


Monitor Emotion & Fraudulency by group


We support both online and offline authentications. Our platform accurately serves 250,000offline mark-ins daily! Limited connectivity in your facility can now be taken care of.

Facial Recognition Model
Facial Recognition Model

Keep Buddy
punching at bay
with rigorous
Liveness Check

Key Benefits of
our platform

Touchless Attendance

Touchless attendance solution provides a secured and safe way for your workforce to mark attendance without risk of infection spread.

Integration with Payroll & Leave Systems

Reduce extra data processing and double handling with quick integration of leave-management and payroll systems with our platform

Emotionally Aware

We provide your Human Resources department with intelligence and reports on employee mental health based on our emotion detection and recognition tools.

White label-application

Advanced AI & computer vision technology to detect a live user than a fake picture, video or with a mask!

Making HR Humane is now possible with our Attendance Management platform-Streamline business while attending to employee interaction
by powerful technology all packed in a single App.