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Adaptive & Risk Based Authentication

Hybrid authentication is the need of the hour from Atypical Travel pattern to new device login, our platform gives you an adaptive solution for your needs.

Secure Cloud & Dashboard Access

Secure your cloud infrastructure, and improve productivity with simplified cloud access

Multifactor Integration Access Control

Secure your accounts and apps with a strong multi-factor authentication solution that will keep the right people in and the wrong people out.

We don't just compare Faces

We have defended our clients from more than 1,117,823 spoof attacks in a year with the help of 40+ super-intelligent models

How does it work?

Jukshio’s cloud based platform manages employee documentation, verification and tracking through face recognition.

How does it work?

Key Benefits of
our platform


Increase security and save costs


Easy to Implement and Adaptive to user behavior change


APIs compatible with market standard security framework


Cutting edge web infrastructure support of VPN Providers

Make cloud more Secure yet Convenient with our facial recognition based zero trust identity access management platform