Enabling Trust Through Technology

We provide state of the art visual identity and access management technologies with facial recognition, fraud detection, and optical character recognition capabilities, as well as extensive customizations and managed services.

Our Identity Intelligence Platforms

We’ve established a holistic digital identity verification and access management system- which gives you a whole new experience of unmatched convenience, unmatched accuracy, and unmatched support!

Protect your business against identity fraud and do away with the need for in-person or in-store verifications.

Mark Attendance Digitally Through Facial Recognition from anywhere, any device, and any time

Mark Attendance Digitally Through Facial Recognition from anywhere, any device, and any time

Go beyond monitoring with our 1:n Facial Recognition-based Surveillance platform that finds a face in a sea of faces and matches it against another.

Platform or product take your pick

Want just one specific technology support or the product as a whole- we consult, understand, and recommend the solution that fills in the missing pieces of verification for your business without you having to disrupt anything!

Robust process

Capture data through documents, authenticate the data and match the identity across in a few seconds!

  • Instant Verification
  • Remote Onboarding
  • Secure & Reliable
  • Deploy Anywhere

Our digital verification process in real-time ensures the authenticity of the customers and reduces identity theft.

Integrate remote identity verification as part of your user onboarding process with a single platform that is compatible with all mobile and web applications

We provide the utmost security with end-to-end encryption while performing visual identity verification. The comprehensive integration with security compliance also gives a full audit trail.

Our identity and access management platform is available both on-premises and on the cloud, including hybrid cloud management.

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Our data security practices are second to none. We’ve developed cutting-edge solutions that have the power to protect the sensitive information of our clients and their customers.